What Americans buy, by NPR
NPR’s Planet Money blog published this graph today showing the biggest expenditures for Americans, and also some interesting, though sort of unnecessary, things they like to buy.
"No genuine “revolution” can be carried out through aggressive violence, or led by people who mimic the worst behavior of those who act in the name of the murderous fiction called the State. This approach is morally abhorrent and strategically suicidal. The state subsists on aggression: We should be starving the beast, rather than feeding it."

William Norman Grigg

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"Freedom begins as a state of mind. And it doesn’t take the flinging of molotov cocktails to accomplish this rebellious life of self-governance and autonomy. In fact, I’d argue that violence is counterproductive as a means of affecting true, lasting change. … the greatest check against state power is peaceful disobedience.

We often think that “furthering our cause” requires some sort of violent revolution. As I mentioned above, however, violence is counterproductive. It creates enemies and strife instead of fostering cooperation and peace. People who could have been sympathetic instead become opposers. But education is transformative. We cannot create with our hands what we first do not see in our minds. So although a revolution is indeed necessary, it must be a revolution of the mind; that is, there must be a growth of human understanding and yearning for freedom and how it is the foundation for all the safety, protection, charity, and progress that we all seek.

The revolution is one of newfound sight, of seeing the state for the treacherous leech it is. It begins with the acceptance of the ugly truth that the state is a liar, a killer, and a marauder. It does not serve the people, it serves itself - which is to say that it serves the whims of the politicians, bureaucrats, dignitaries, and corporate cronies who both run and ultimately benefit from state power. In this revelation, to those willing to wipe thevernix caseosa from their eyes, exists the power to topple governments. When the people behold the state for what it truly is and simply decide to no longer be willing accomplices to heinous acts, the state in turn loses its grip over the people. Because the source of state power is not in gold or gunpowder, it is in obedience.

No great acts or grand gestures are required in this intellectual revolution, only a willingness to question illegitimate authority, to refuse to become instruments of our own oppression, and, whenever necessary, to disobey.

And this, in truth, is quite easy: simply choose to be a good spouse, a good parent, a good friend, a good neighbor to your fellow man, and not a doting subject to the state.”

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Another reason why I think violent revolutions won’t bring about freedom. 

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"People are not unemployed because they are lazy, for Heaven’s sake. They are unemployed because there are no jobs for them."
Senator Mary Landrieu (via justinacuff)

Money is Power

“The total annual after-tax income of all millionaires and billionaires today is about $709 billion, according to IRS data.

What this means is that even if he increased tax rates on the rich to 100%, Mr. Obama would still have to find more revenue to pay for his spending ambitions. This means he’s inescapably going to have to tee up the middle class for a tax wallop unlike anything in U.S. history.”

If you fail to stash money in savings as soon as you start earning a paycheck, you probably won’t notice the damage right away. But the long-term fallout can be devastating if it limits your choices—whether that’s buying the house you want, sending your kids to a top college, or deciding when (or even if) you can retire.
Don’t wait to start saving! A little bit now will go a long way later.